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Bring it On: April 2016

I’ve been woefully absent due to a deluge of work and way too little nap time. You know how I get without my beauty naps… not pretty. But spring is officially upon us, and there are a slew of things I’m looking forward to.

  • Outlander returns! I’m a little bit obsessed with this show, and you should be too.
  • Passover. I’ll be spending passover with my family, and of course, my adorable three-year-old niece will be there. Hopefully, I’ll have some time to squeeze in some hiking.
  • Baking. I’ve been experimenting, trying new recipes, and trying my hand at food photography. These cookies are a hit with my family every single time.2016-03-20 11.30.33
  • 15 minutes of fame. I’ve started publishing more in my day job, and I have my first TV appearance next week!
  • Cubbies! I don’t actually follow baseball unless the Cubs make it to the post-season, but this guy on ESPN – who must be smart because he’s on ESPN – predicts the Cubs will win the World Series. It’s been 108 years. I think it’s time.

Two more items to add to the list.

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I love this zany show from Tina Fey on Netflix. Season 2 returns April 15th.
  • Marimekko. I have a penchant for modern, expensive design. The Finnish design company Marimekko meets both criteria. But on April 17th, Marimekko is coming to Target. Woohoo.
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Bring it On: March 2016

March has landed! Here are the things I’m looking forward to.

  • Spring! Fuck winter. It is seriously the worst. It will be 70 degrees next week in DC, and I plan on loving every single second of it.
  • New York. I have two trips planned to New York City to visit family this month (including my very special, very important, very adorable niece).
  • Sleep. Guys, I’m exhausted. Work has been piling up among other things, and I wouldn’t mind hibernating for a bit.
  • Cuba. Okay, I’m not going to Cuba…yet. But U.S. airlines announced their proposed flight routes for commercial flights to Cuba, and I am excited and ready to go.
  • New TV. Lots of great TV returning in March. Awkward season 5… Daredevil season 2… I am a huge, unapologetic fan of staring mindlessly at the TV.
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Bring it On: February 2016

February is nearly upon us. Things I’m looking forward to:

    • Politics, politics, and more politics. I know I’ve said this before, but presidential politics is the candy to my inner child. Nothing makes me happier than attack ads and political shenanigans. I expect February to be chock full of both.
    • The end of winter. I happen to believe that February is the last month of winter – no matter what the calendar or the weather gods have to say about it. So I am ecstatic that winter is two-thirds over, and this horrible snow will melt when the temperature hits 62 degrees this week. It doesn’t matter that I grew up in Chicago. I will never ever like winter.
    • Utah planning. My sister and I booked a Memorial Day weekend trip to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. I’ll update the blog later on the details, but I just ordered a bunch of hiking books from the library and can’t wait to dig in.
    • Murals! I can’t believed I’ve lived in DC for seven years (cumulatively) and didn’t know we have street art right here under my nose. I can’t wait to check them out.
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Bring It On: January 2016

I haven’t done this in a while, but it helps to remember all the good things going on in my life. So here are all the things I’m looking forward to in January 2016:

  • New York. I have a New York City trip planned for Jan. 8. I’m going to spend the entire weekend with my niece. Yes, my three-year-old niece is my best friend. Get over it.
  • Family. I will also have a chance to see the rest of my family while in New York. They’re pretty great too.
  • New TV. The holidays are great, but there are only so many Veronica Mars reruns I can watch.
  • Politics. An insane month of presidential politics is exactly what this self-diagnosed political junkie ordered. While regular folks will be cursing the onslaught of political ads, I will be living it up.
  • Kicking Ass and Taking Names. Sort of. I finally made it to a boxing class yesterday, so I’m hoping this kicks off a month off diligent workouts and some intense arm muscles.
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It was 1998. I was a terrified college freshman enrolling in an art class called Intro to Design, emphasis on the word Intro. I had no clue what I was doing. But at least there were two of us.

Lisa and I gravitated towards each other because everyone else in the class was drawing circles (and other shapes) around us. Wait – you want me to draw with dots? What the hell does an excited line look like?

dot drawing

Drawing with dots…

Thus, a beautiful friendship was born.

Many years and a bagillion birthday cards later, we still talk almost every day (texting counts as talking, right?) even though we haven’t lived in the same city since 2005. She’s the person I call when pretty much anything happens – big or small. Like: “Lisa, I only slept five hours last night.” “Lisa, I can do a headstand!” “Lisa, I spend too much on groceries.” “Lisa, I hate everyone.”

We’ve been to Croatia and Peru, and today we embark for Scotland. In a couple of months, we will circle the globe to Vietnam.

There’s a lot of things I would like to change about this fundamentally unfair world we live in, but this isn’t one of them. At the risk of being overly sentimental, I’m very lucky to have a friend I can literally and figuratively share the world with.

Off to Scotland, bitches!

River of Rocks-Me and Lisa4

The dynamic duo hiking in Pennsylvania circa 2009

$IMG_0254 - cropped

The dynamic duo in Croatia in 2012


The dynamic duo in Peru in 2014

two superheroes

The dynamic duo in 2015


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I’ve updated a couple of items on the blog to make life easier for people who want to find things. Namely:

1) I’ve updated many destinations in the travel gallery if you’re looking to get a quick photographic taste for a particular city/state/country.

2) I’ve created a category dropdown menu at the top if you’re looking for all posts having to do with a particular topic.

3) You can also now follow me on Instagram.

4) If you don’t give a flying fuck, that’s okay too.



This Guy Took My Breath Away… And Not in a Good Way

I’ve dipped my toes in the online dating pool for a couple of months now, and I’ve been consistently disappointed. I know, I know… you have to kiss a lot of frogs… But the frogs are starting to get on my nerves. I know JDate isn’t exactly a scientific sample of the larger human race, but the profiles are starting to undermine my faith in humanity. They are also laugh-out-loud hysterical… and profoundly insane.

Take this guy — I will call him Joe. He messaged me expressing an interest in meeting, so I checked out his profile. His picture makes him look at least 50 – and that is being generous – he is probably closer to 60. But here’s the kicker: He lists his age as 40. I’m automatically suspicious, but curiosity gets the better of me. So I read on, and it gets better. Joe writes: “I picked the age to reflect as true a reality as possible as a compromise between the fact that I’m an outlier in terms of health, energy, and many other things, and my chronological age.”

What the what?!?!!?

Are you fucking kidding me?


This guy lies about his age and then blatantly admits that he is lying about his age. Umm… How does he not realize that this is a) creepy and b) completely disingenuous? And here’s another question while I’m at it: Why does a 50 or 60-year-old guy think it’s appropriate to pursue a girl 15 to 20 years younger than him? Note to members of the male gender: The very fact that you are pursuing a girl young enough to be your daughter is a massive, flaming red flag that screams: “Stay away from me! I am a super creepazoid!” And what exactly is the thought process here? Do men assume I’m so desperate, I’ll fall over my feet grateful that any guy has expressed interest in me even if he is old enough to be my father?

I think not. If anyone is desperate, it’s a 60-year-old man, pretending he’s 40, trying to score a 34-year-old.


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Okay, so winter doesn’t officially start until December 21st, but in my mind, winter starts on December first and ends as soon as February slips into March. I should add one important thing: I hate winter. Ooops, I mean, I HATE winter. I’m dreading the next three months. I long for sun, long summer days, running outside, hiking,  etc. But I’m still looking forward to somethings. Even winter’s impending doom can’t take that away from me.

1. Trip to Paris and Brussels with The Boyfriend: I booked The Boyfriend and I on business class seats to Paris and Brussels over Christmas and New Years, two new countries for the both of us. This will be our first extended vacation since our Christmas trip to London last year. Huzzah.

2. Lufthansa Lounge: Yeah, I’m a lame, points-obsessed traveler, but Lufthansa recently renovated its business class lounge at JFK airport and I’m excited to check it out.

3. Movies: The Hobbit for The Boyfriend and This is 40 for me. Confession: I have a minor crush on Paul Rudd.

4. Platinum Status: Did I mention I’m obsessed with points? The Boyfriend will achieve platinum status with Starwood Hotels this week due to his extensive work travels. Another huzzah.

5. Holiday Parties Galore: Friends, food, festiveness, enough said.

6. Last Credit Card Churn of the Year: I will be up for a final credit card churn for 2012. For those of you who have no idea what that means, it’s when I apply for a couple of credit cards with huge sign up bonuses to replenish my miles stash.

What are you looking forward to?

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Some may accuse me of hyperbole, but I assure you this is truly amazing news. I just discovered that the Mike and Ike candy company makes boxes of only red and pink candies. It’s positively red rageous! No more fishing through the box for the three red Mike and Ikes and pawning the disgusting greens and yellows (and oranges depending on my mood) off on some unsuspecting soul. I always wondered why candy companies bothered making green and yellow flavors to begin with. I suppose there are some folks who prefer those colors, but surely the vast majority of candy consumer prefers the red flavor.

What’s your favorite Mike and Ike flavor?

Mike & Ike

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I’ve never been very good at “living in the moment.” What does that say about me? That I’m antsy, that I’m an obsessive planner, that I have deep psychological problems? Check, check, and uh… check? I am perpetually looking forward, which I suppose is better than looking backwards.  So here are all the things I’m looking forward to this month in no particular order:

1. Thanksgiving trip to Bermuda with The Boyfriend: Okay, this item is number one for the obvious reason that it is the most awesome thing happening this month. It’s been a while since The Boyfriend and I went on a trip in which one of us did not get sick en route. Also, I’m giddy at the prospect of escaping the looming cold weather even if it is only for three days.

2. Twilight, the finale: Yes, I am one of those mildly intelligent people who allow their minds to turn to slush in return for an implausible love story and mediocre acting. What can I say in my defense? Not much, except that I’m a fifteen-year-old girl at heart. And yes, I will be dragging The Boyfriend along.

3. The election: Elections are fun. I get to vote and I get a sticker.

4. Planning our December trip: The Boyfriend has confirmed that he has enough vacation days for a short trip to Europe at the end of December – woohoo. Last year, we went to London for Christmas and New Years, and this year I have my sights set on Spain. I’m just waiting for a fresh batch of 50,000 United miles to post, and then I can book our flights and start the obsessive planning.

5. Veterans Day: Just found out I have off from work. Go veterans!

6. The new James Bond movie: Honestly, I am not at all excited about this movie. But The Boyfriend is very excited, and I have dragged him to a slew of girl movies recently (Celeste and Jesse Forever, The Perks of Being a Wallflower), so I am excited for him.

Those are the biggies for me. What are you looking forward to?

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