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Bring it On: March 2016

March has landed! Here are the things I’m looking forward to.

  • Spring! Fuck winter. It is seriously the worst. It will be 70 degrees next week in DC, and I plan on loving every single second of it.
  • New York. I have two trips planned to New York City to visit family this month (including my very special, very important, very adorable niece).
  • Sleep. Guys, I’m exhausted. Work has been piling up among other things, and I wouldn’t mind hibernating for a bit.
  • Cuba. Okay, I’m not going to Cuba…yet. But U.S. airlines announced their proposed flight routes for commercial flights to Cuba, and I am excited and ready to go.
  • New TV. Lots of great TV returning in March. Awkward season 5… Daredevil season 2… I am a huge, unapologetic fan of staring mindlessly at the TV.
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