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Regular readers of this blog know that I love night photography, much to The Boyfriend’s dismay. So this week’s photo challenge was not much of a challenge. Here is London illuminated.

Big Ben and Parliament

Big Ben and Parliament

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

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I’ve been waiting to post this week’s photo challenge until tonight for a reason. I thought it would be neat to compare New Year’s Eve 2011 with New Year’s Eve 2012. Last year we rang in the new year with fireworks in London. This year, we rang in 2013 with fireworks in Brussels.

London was huge. With so many people, we were at least a mile from the center of the fireworks, and I had to stand on my tip-toes to see anything. The fireworks were amazing, but a short ten minutes. Brussels, in contrast, is a small city. We got so close, my ears hurt from the pounding of the music and the fireworks. The fireworks also lasted much longer, at least 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it was raining so many of the pictures are smeared with rain drops. Both were incredible experiences and I can’t wait to plan our next New Years trip.

Fireworks London

London – January 1, 2012

Belgium - January 1, 2013

Brussels – January 1, 2013

Brussels - January 1, 2013

Brussels – January 1, 2013



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Finally, an easy photo challenge from the folks at The Daily Post. Here’s a rural and an urban version. The first photo is from Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park where the bison roam free. The second photo is from New Year’s Eve last year in London. The Boyfriend and I joined a packed crowd at Trafalgar Square and I lifted my camera above my head and just snapped away. Not bad for blind shooting. (Frequent readers of this blog will realize that I’m cheating a bit because I’ve used a similar photo for a “red” challenge, but fireworks are practically an invitation to cheat, so it’s not really my fault.)




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The photo color challenge was all the rage a while ago and I completely missed the boat. But this is me bringing it back in style. Or just being behind the times and really pathetic. Either way, here is my photo for red.

It was New Year’s Eve last year in London, and The Boyfriend and I were packed into a crowd of people at Trafalgar Square watching fireworks. I had no tripod and barely any room to move. I stood on my toes and held the camera above my head, hoping for the best.

Fireworks London

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