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Charlotte, NC: A City of Art

Charlotte, NC is not a walking city. Its downtown, financial center – also known as Uptown Charlotte — is encircled by several highways, practically trapping would be walkers in its relatively small confines. That said, it is a clean, modern and delightfully creative city. I was blown away by the attention to artistic detail — sculptures placed just so, benches that are not just a place to sit but also a piece of art, and historical reminders of the Charlotte that was.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t make a special trip to Uptown Charlotte, but if you happen to be there, definitely walk around and enjoy the city.

Note: I was too lazy to shlep the DSLR camera, so these are all iPhone photos.

James Joyce

These clever signs are plentiful in the small park area known as “The Green.”


I love how the sign merges into its surroundings.

Charlotte Signs

Did you know there are so many Charlottes in the world? I did not.

Liberty Walk

Charlotte Liberty Walk. I have no idea what it is, but it seemed like something I should take a picture of.


Sculptures of frolicking children are cleverly placed in this fountain (currently under construction).

Battle of Charlotte

Apparently, something important happened here.


Awesome or ugly? I vote for awesome.


This mosaic of recycled glass is entitled “Effervescence.” I found it on a random wall in Charlotte.


The children’s library did such a wonderful job designing its front yard, even I couldn’t resist jumping all over the letters.

Nathanael Green

More important historical stuff.

Jefferson Davis

I have to wonder: How do they know that?

Modern Art

Awesome modern sculpture in front of the Museum of Modern Art.


A mosaic bench. I like this.


Who needs a boring park bench when you can have cool retro furniture?

Brick Children

Brick children clamoring over a life-size book. Mind…blown.

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This is a big deal. The Boyfriend does not take pictures. He hates pictures. Taking pictures, posing for pictures, looking at pictures, drawing pictures — he hates everything having to do with pictures. Seriously. And still, he took this picture of Charlotte, NC during his layover there and sent it to me because he knew I’d like it.


Okay, so he’s not exactly Ansel Adams, but it’s the thought that counts, right?


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