Bring It On: January 2016

I haven’t done this in a while, but it helps to remember all the good things going on in my life. So here are all the things I’m looking forward to in January 2016:

  • New York. I have a New York City trip planned for Jan. 8. I’m going to spend the entire weekend with my niece. Yes, my three-year-old niece is my best friend. Get over it.
  • Family. I will also have a chance to see the rest of my family while in New York. They’re pretty great too.
  • New TV. The holidays are great, but there are only so many Veronica Mars reruns I can watch.
  • Politics. An insane month of presidential politics is exactly what this self-diagnosed political junkie ordered. While regular folks will be cursing the onslaught of political ads, I will be living it up.
  • Kicking Ass and Taking Names. Sort of. I finally made it to a boxing class yesterday, so I’m hoping this kicks off a month off diligent workouts and some intense arm muscles.
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