This was the conversation in my head this morning:

Voice #1: You look slightly Pillsbury Dough Boyish. You need to start running again.

Voice #2: You should enter a race.

Voice #3: Don’t be stupid. You’re too slow. You’ll look like a fool.

Voice #1: It’s 2 against 1. You lose.

So I entered my first 5K in New York City on October 14th at LaGuardia Airport. Yes, I get to run on the runway at LaGuardia which is pretty darn awesome, but I may finish last, which will be pretty darn humiliating. But I drafted two of my sisters to run with me so at least we will all be humiliated together. What’s that saying? Humiliation loves company… or something like that.

Plus, my registration fee goes to support the Wounded Warrior Project, so really, my imminent humiliation isn’t that big of a deal. Check it out here.

I’ve Entered My First Race

Quote of the day is from Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King (which I am really, really enjoying – yes, it deserves two reallys):

True love includes equal parts good and bad, but true love sticks around and doesn’t run off to Vegas with a podiatrist.”


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