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I’m Sorry…I got Married…Life Got Busy… You Know…the Usual…

For the record, I’m not complaining. Just explaining.

Life got really busy, and I disappeared off the face of the earth, or, off the face of this blog. In my defense, I got married, and wedding planning is a form of modern torture right up there with makeup and high heels. I’m not sure why our gender imposes these hellacious rituals on ourselves. Again, not complaining – just explaining.

Thankfully, we survived the wedding planning, which leaves me convinced we can survive whatever life throws our way. You got nothing on us life – we’ve already endured tablecloth colors and seat arrangements!

So, while I owe my patient audience many posts about our winter trip to Spain, let’s review the biggest event of my life after the Cubs winning the World Series.

A quick review:

  • Wedding dress shopping is another form of torture and should be banned by the appropriate international committee. After two painful days of scouring the racks, my mom suggested we get my dress made – and use HER wedding dress as inspiration. I love that I didn’t look like a traditional white marshmallow.


  • Instead of spending millions on floral arrangements, I asked my sister-in-law, who is an amazing baker and runs a bakery in Baltimore, to make cupcakes for our centerpieces. It was a great idea, if I do say so myself. The cupcakes were pretty and delicious!


  • I insisted on making candy-filled place cards myself — chocolate hearts for the adults and lollipops for the kids. Seeing all the lollipop toting kids made me very happy.


  • I asked the band to do a Cubs music set, and they obliged. My siblings and I rocked it out to “All the Way” and “Go Cubs Go” — never mind the curious stares.
  • M and I tried not to take ourselves too seriously, which is the best way to enjoy a wedding. The photographer was amused.



I am legitimately napping in this photo. Weddings are exhausting!

  • The best part was being able to see so many friends and family members in one place. The worst part was that we only had about five minutes with each of them…

Six weeks after our wedding, people like to ask, “How is married life?” I tell them, “The best part about being married is we don’t have to plan the wedding anymore.” I am 80 percent joking.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming trip to Iceland and Ireland. WHAT? Another trip? I know! Crazy.

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