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We have finally booked our tickets for Thanksgiving. We are going to Bermuda.

Wait. What happened to all those hours I spent salivating over Panama? Good question. At the end of the day, The Boyfriend didn’t want to spend so many hours on a plane for such a short trip, and since I’m such an awesome girlfriend, I gave him the final say. (Plus, he’s paying.)

So, Bermuda it is. I’m excited for several reasons. A) Because it’s a trip and I’m always excited when we travel. B) Because I have never been to any of the Caribbean islands, and while technically Bermuda is north of the Caribbean, it’s all the same in my book. And finally C) Because it’ll be warm!


I’ve only just begun the obligatory obsessive research, so feel free to wow me with your knowledge and suggestions. Where should we stay? What should we do? Where should we NOT stay? Etc. Thanks in advance!

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