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Part 16: Oh Tai O!

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After our morning visit to Ngong Ping and the Big Buddha, we took a bus down the mountain to the western edge of Lantau Island to a small sea-side fishing village, Tai O.

Tai O map

Tai O is poor. There’s no nice way of saying it, and the change from the bustling wealth of central Hong Kong is stark. But Tai O is also beautiful in its decline, especially at sunset. The native Tanka people built their homes on stilts, much like the floating villages we toured in Cambodia. We jumped on an overpriced tour boat to get a view from the water. It was worth it.




After our boat tour – on which we saw whales! – we strolled around the town. I love this shot.



Why not use a hanger to hang your dead fish? Seems like a perfectly good use of a hanger to me.



And finally, my favorite type of photos: sunset pictures. But can you blame me? Look at these!






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