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Scotland #6: Whisky Fail

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When you tell people you’re going to Scotland, they ask about two things: Golf and whisky. I don’t play golf, and I don’t like whisky (or any alcohol really). But when in Scotland…

Lisa strongly felt we should check out at least one of Scotland’s many whisky distilleries. We picked the Benromach distillery mostly because it was on our way north to Inverness (and because Lisa really likes their website design). I did not have high hopes for my inaugural whisky tasting.

I was right.

But first we had a three hour drive north, as we made our way through the Scottish countryside to the Highlands.


Driving like a champion on the left side of the road!


Stunning Scottish countryside


Looking pretty!



There is so much green everywhere

We finally arrived at the charming Benromach distillery.



Our guide gave us a tour of the distillery and a detailed explanation of how whisky is made. There were no pictures allowed of the actual whisky-making, so you’ll have to settle for a detailed photographic account of my failed attempt to acquire a taste for Scotch.

As you can see, I did not like anything about this process. I found the smell… less than enjoyable. And it kind of tasted like drinking liquid fire. Now, this is not meant as an insult to Benromach. I’m sure they make a very fine whisky if you are a whisky drinker. I am decidedly not. I do not think they will be using these pictures in their next advertising campaign.

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