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10 Things You Can Buy At Cusco’s San Pedro Market

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Cusco’s San Pedro market is not a tourist market primarily. It’s meant for the locals and they sell pretty much everything you can imagine – and some things you couldn’t possibly imagine. You will find your standard market fare – fruits and veggies, cheese, fish and meat, etc. But then, there will also be some surprises…

San pedro market

To the countdown!

#1. Any kind of juice you want. When you first walk into the market area, you will be bombarded by rows of women offering you a variety of fruit juices. Their products and prices are all the same so just pick any which one. You can pick any fruit you like (mango, passion fruit, papaya, banana, etc.) and any liquid you like (milk, water, ice, etc.) and they’ll make you a fresh fruit drink on the spot.


#2. A pig’s head. Because why wouldn’t you need that?


#3. Pig feet. Because if you’re going to buy a pig’s head, you might as well go all in for the feet too.


#4. Massive loaves of bread with decorative engravings.


#5. Huge wheels of cow cheese. It looks like butter, but I’m told it’s cheese.


#6. Weird, tiny fish. Not sure how you eat these, but if you want to, you can buy ’em.


#7. Masks.


#8. Colorful corn – a Peruvian staple.


#9. Colorful custard. I have no idea how this tastes but it looks pretty.


10. A nap. Okay, it’s not something you can buy, but you can clearly take one if you’re so inclined.



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