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Part 7: Into the Fiery Furnace

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Part 2: Arches Galore
Part 3: Delicate Arch
Part 4: Hiking Dead Horse Point
Part 5: Canyons For As Far As The Eye Can See
Part 6: Waking Up At The Crack of Dawn To See Dawn

Five months before we even landed in Colorado, my sister and I booked two spots on the ranger-led Fiery Furnace hike in Arches National Park. While most of the hikes in the park are open to the public, Fiery Furnace is limited to a small group of people per day. According to the National Parks website, “The Fiery Furnace is a natural labyrinth of narrow passages between towering sandstone walls. To enter the Fiery Furnace, visitors must accompany a ranger-guided tour or obtain a hiking permit at the visitor center.”

The ranger-led hike is three hours long with many stops along the way to to talk about the geology and history of area. The website labels the hike “strenuous,” but I’m not exactly an Olympian and I was just fine. There are some tight spaces that involve a bit of scrambling, but those were my favorite parts!

The hike starts off with a scary sign and an introduction about the geology of the rock maze we’re about to enter. Confession: I spent more time taking pictures than listening…



Our group took a break when we reached the cave below, featuring a natural arch. The guide talked about… something… Honestly, I was just taking pictures.



I love the way the light peeks through the rocks.






We took another rest stop at this natural water hole and the double arches below. Our guide told us about all the different types of bugs that live in the water. He warned us not to step or fall into the hole, lest we kill all of the bugs.




We reach a particularly narrow stretch that involved some scrambling and creative maneuvering.


My sister captured me at my most graceful.




There were lizards everywhere.



At the end of the hike, as we emerged from the furnace, we are treated to a beautiful array of red rocks.



If you like guided hikes, Fiery Furnace is a must. If you get a little bored and prefer to roam on your own – like I – Fiery Furnace is still fun, and offers an exclusive peek into a different part of Arches National Park. Just remember: Book early. These tours get sold out! 

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My Favorite Place: Sedona

Sedona, AZ is one of my favorite places in the world. For starters, it’s beautiful. Sure, there are lots of beautiful places in the world, but I have a soft spot for towering red rocks and desert cacti. There’s tons of hiking at all levels so you never feel like you’ve “finished.” This was my third trip to Sedona and I still felt like there was plenty to see. Finally, it’s warm year round, but not quite so hot as Phoenix since Sedona sits at 4,500 feet elevation. If I am ever wealthy enough to own a second home, it will be in Sedona.

The Boyfriend and I made a quick one night stop in Sedona en route to our adventurous Grand Canyon hike. There wasn’t a ton of time, but enough to snap a few (okay, more than a few) photos and dream of coming back.

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