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Welcome to Pittsburgh!

After seven months of dating, M and I finally took a trip together. More accurately, I went to Pittsburgh for work and M tagged along. But we managed to squeeze in some tourist time – my first real tourist effort even though I’ve been to Pittsburgh a handful of times.

Here are some thoughts. Pittsburgh is hilly, folks! I’m going to have to get into some serious shape if we’re going to do more Pittsburgh exploring. Pittsburgh is also a growing, trending city. In the four years since I started working for a Pittsburgh-based company, I’ve watch the city change: Rising skyscrapers, new restaurants and hotels, hip neighborhoods flourishing in the place of hollowed-out factories. Just walking around with my camera in hand was entertaining enough for me.

My favorite building hands-down is the PPG Place – a multi-building complex that takes up six city blocks. The 19,750 pieces of glass offer stunning reflections of Pittsburgh, especially on a sunny day. 





There’s plenty of old-fashioned architecture too.




And opportunities for self-portraits abound.


We set aside one evening to take the cable car up the Duquesne Incline to the top of Mount Washington. The cliffside neighborhood offers stunning views of Pittsburgh’s many bridges.


Photo credits to M on this picture of the incline.


The glorious view that meets you at the top.






St. Mary’s on the Mount lit up as the sun dipped into the ground.



I dragged my tripod out for this view. Totally worth it.



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Bad Blogger. Bad, Bad Blogger.

I’ve been a bad blogger. In my defense, I’ve been sick. AGAIN. What the hell? And I’ve been traveling — no where exotic, but there has been lots of time spent in train stations, in the airport, in rental cars and complaining about being sick. Some highlights…and lowlights.

I really need to know if this New York City Subway sign is real or a joke.

I really need to know if this New York City subway ad is real or a joke. Do people really pay for plastic surgery for their dogs??? And who would pay for a joke subway ad???

No offense Pittsburgh, but it sometimes seems like you're trying to make me dislike you.

No offense Pittsburgh, but it sometimes seems like you’re trying to make me dislike you.

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