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Part #6: The Not-So Silver Silver Pavilion

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Part #4: The One in Which I Did Not Get Attacked By a Monkey
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Next up on my Kyoto itinerary was the Silver Pavilion, or Ginkaku-ji.¬†Built in the 15th century, the two-storied temple isn’t actually silver. Way back when, the plan was to cover the building in a silver foil, and the nickname stuck.

The best way to get to the Silver Pavilion from the Westin is to walk along the Philosopher’s Walk, a pedestrian-only path along a canal.

It is an easy, scenic stroll, filled with curious odds and ends. Case in point:


And this:





The path is also very popular with cats and people who like to play with cats.





The end of the path leads to the Silver Pavilion which boasts traditional Japanese gardens and pretty views in addition to the not-so silver Silver Pavilion.


The Silver Pavilion


I love these Japanese trees. We need more of these in the U.S.


So pretty.

Japanese rock gardens are decidedly sparse. But that doesn’t mean they are easy to maintain. They are stunning works of art.





And finally the view from the top of the garden:



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