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Update on Trips

We still haven’t settled on our Thanksgiving trip yet, but I’m hoping we’ll make a decision this weekend and actually buy tickets. Right now, it’s down to Panama, Montreal and Chicago. I have valiantly attempted to send hypnotic signals to The Boyfriend in favor of Panama, but gosh darn it, this long-distance relationship really puts a damper on my hypnotism skills.

I’ve also been thinking about our Christmas/New Years plans. Since we’ll only have a week and it’ll be freezing cold in much of Europe, I’m leaning toward Spain. Barcelona is an obvious choice (because it looks freakishly awesome – duh), but given our mutual interest in European history, I’m partial towards a tour of the major┬ámedieval cities: Madrid – Seville – Cordoba – Grenada Granada. My obsession with maps resulted in this:

Spain trip

What do you think? Is it better to spend a relaxing week in Barcelona or an on-the-go week trekking through Andalucia?

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More Books

The addiction continues. My latest purchases:

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