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Charlotte, NC: A City of Art

Charlotte, NC is not a walking city. Its downtown, financial center – also known as Uptown Charlotte — is encircled by several highways, practically trapping would be walkers in its relatively small confines. That said, it is a clean, modern and delightfully creative city. I was blown away by the attention to artistic detail — sculptures placed just so, benches that are not just a place to sit but also a piece of art, and historical reminders of the Charlotte that was.

Conclusion: I wouldn’t make a special trip to Uptown Charlotte, but if you happen to be there, definitely walk around and enjoy the city.

Note: I was too lazy to shlep the DSLR camera, so these are all iPhone photos.

James Joyce

These clever signs are plentiful in the small park area known as “The Green.”


I love how the sign merges into its surroundings.

Charlotte Signs

Did you know there are so many Charlottes in the world? I did not.

Liberty Walk

Charlotte Liberty Walk. I have no idea what it is, but it seemed like something I should take a picture of.


Sculptures of frolicking children are cleverly placed in this fountain (currently under construction).

Battle of Charlotte

Apparently, something important happened here.


Awesome or ugly? I vote for awesome.


This mosaic of recycled glass is entitled “Effervescence.” I found it on a random wall in Charlotte.


The children’s library did such a wonderful job designing its front yard, even I couldn’t resist jumping all over the letters.

Nathanael Green

More important historical stuff.

Jefferson Davis

I have to wonder: How do they know that?

Modern Art

Awesome modern sculpture in front of the Museum of Modern Art.


A mosaic bench. I like this.


Who needs a boring park bench when you can have cool retro furniture?

Brick Children

Brick children clamoring over a life-size book. Mind…blown.

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