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My Signature Move

Many of my fellow travel bloggers take “jumping” pictures in front of famous landmarks. I always thought this was awesome, and now that I have my own blog, I shamelessly tried to steal the idea this weekend at Niagara Falls.


First, I don’t know what to do with my hands when I jump. Second, I look like an uncoordinated buffoon. Third, I was extremely sore due to a perfunctory workout Saturday night (I guess I’m not in as good shape as I like to pretend) and it is really hard to jump when any movement in the leg region results in an internal R-rated diatribe.

So… you will not be seeing any jumping pictures in front of Niagara Falls. Instead, I took ridiculous pictures of myself pretending to be a rather obvious CIA agent, even though The Boyfriend/Temporary Photographer Under Duress quickly declared, “You look stupid. Why would you have a gun at Niagara Falls?”

Answer: Because it’s easier than jumping. And thus, my signature move was born.

My Signature Move At Niagara Falls

My Signature Move At Niagara Falls

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