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Part 15: View from the Top of Lantau Island

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Seeing the Tian Tin Buddha (AKA the Big Buddha) on Lantau Island is another popular Hong Kong tourist attraction, kind of like seeing the Statue of Liberty when you visit New York City. It’s not necessarily the most riveting activity, but it’s the sort of thing you have to check off your tourist must-do list.

So how could we not go?

Plus, the trip to Lantau is an easy half-and-hour subway ride. Just take the orange line until the last stop. Once you leave the subway station, you won’t be able to miss the massive cable cars that carry passengers high above the water to the top of Ngong Ping. For far less money, you can hop on a bus as it winds it way up the mountain, but riding the cable car at least once is another tourist box begging to be checked off.

The views were beautiful, all be it, slightly nausea-inducing.


You can see the Big Buddha right away. It is 112 feet tall, perched on a stand that is exactly 268 steps above the ground.




Ngong Ping is also home to the Po Lin Monastery, built in 1920.


We fulfilled our tourist duty and climbed up the 268 steps to to the top of the Buddha. The views were beautiful.




If you’re not into Buddha or monasteries, you can also check out the Wisdom Path. A pleasant 15 minute walk takes you to a sculpture of giant wood columns arranged in the shape of an infinity symbol featuring the words of a famous Buddhist classic called the Heart Sutra.








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