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Part #4: The One in Which I Did Not Get Attacked By a Monkey

Part #1: How I Quietly Fell in Love with Japan
Part #2: Getting Around Kyoto
Part #3: Bamboos Galore!

Dedicated readers of this blog (shoutout to Tamar, Chad, Devora, and Uncle Ari) will recall that my excitement over seeing monkeys roam free in Thailand was marred by the experience of getting attacked by said monkeys.

Despite this experience, I was determined to visit the monkey park in Arashiyama. The entrance to the monkey park is a pleasant 20 minute stroll from the famous bamboo groves, but the actual park is a steep 20 minute walk up a mountain so prepare yourself.

As the map below shows, you can walk through the streets if you prefer, but I enjoyed meandering along the river.

Monkey Park map




The monkey park is exactly as it sounds: A┬ábunch of monkey running around an open area. If you don’t get a kick out of seeing monkeys, it’s probably not worth it, though the views of Kyoto below are pretty specially in their own right.

For some reason, I loved the monkey park. Even though I’m not an animal person in my real life, I love photographing animals in the so-called wild. Hence, the hundreds of monkey pictures you’re about to see.





Hehe. What the heck are these guys doing? Anyone?


Love this little guy sitting and and observing his fellow monkeys.




The view of Kyoto from the top of Arashiyama monkey park.



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