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Part 14: Climbing The Mid-Levels

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I didn’t understand what the Mid-Levels were until I experienced it for myself. But I will try to explain it to you. The Mid-Levels are essentially a very, very long outdoor escalator running north to south through Hong Kong’s Soho’s neighborhood into Central. Behold, a map:


Since Hong Kong is built into the side of a mountain, walking up and down can grow tiresome. So Hong Kong built a series of escalators and moving sidewalks to transport residents into Central’s busy business district. The plan was to build two escalators – one going north and one going south, but after many delays and cost overruns, the second escalator was never built. As a result, the escalators run downhill from 6 am to 10 am to accommodate commuters heading to work, and uphill from 10:30 am to midnight.

Behold the Mid-Levels:



*HKG2-10.15.24 *HKG2-10.15.48

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