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Scotland #15: The Road to Glasgow

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The road to Glasgow was five hours long and filled with iconic Scottish scenery. We were supposed to hike through Glencoe, but my misadventures with my phone set us back. Plus, we had trouble finding the trail path. Plus, we were lazy. It was definitely one of those reasons.

Road to Glasgow copy

After leaving Skye, we stopped briefly at Eileen Donan Castle – the second visit of our trip. We wanted to take pictures without the deluge of rain.




Next up was Glencoe, home to Ben Nevis, the UK’s tallest mountain at 4,409 feet. We didn’t get to see Ben Nevis, but we did get to see plenty of other mountains. We stopped at the famous Three Sisters of Glencoe: Gearr Aonach (Short Ridge), Aonach Dubh (Black Ridge), and Beinn Fhada (Long Hill).

***IMG_6291 ***IMG_6327





We were supposed to take a hike between the first and second sisters, but we were running out of time. Instead, we walked for a bit and collapsed in the grass for some desperately needed nap time.







Lisa hates this picture, but I love it. The guy taking the picture was – I think the word is shocked – when I scooped Lisa off of the ground in my arms. For the record: This is not weird at all!


Lisa could have stayed at Glencoe all day, but we wanted to get to Glasgow before dark. We headed south through Trossachs National Park, home to the beautiful Loch Lomond, the largest land-locked body of water in Great Britain. We didn’t have much time, but we managed to stop for a couple of photo ops.




One hour later, we were in Glasgow – our final stop of our trip – and the end of driving on the left side of the road!

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