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Scotland #12: Pieces of Skye

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I know I’ve said this already, but here goes: The Isle of Skye is fucking beautiful. The weather is crazy, but that scenery – it is worth it. In case you don’t believe me. Look at this picture.



Oh my god. So beautiful. This is Mealt Falls at Kilt Rock, a slab of rock cliff along Highway A855, between Valtos and Staffin. We discovered it by accident. Let’s just say, some accidents are good ones.


Is this water even real?


And here is the famous Kilt Rock, so named because it’s said to look like a kilt.



After that, we continued to Skye’s northernmost point at Loch Hunish, stopping for Highland cows and beautiful sights along the way. All told, we only got to see a sliver of Skye. And it wasn’t enough.




*IMG_5206 IMG_5182 IMG_5445

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