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Part #17: Loving the Indigo in Shanghai

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I LOVED – yes capital L-O-V-E-D – the Indigo hotel in Shanghai. The Indigo brand is part of the IHG hotel group, offering a boutique, modern hotel experience. Thanks to my IHG credit card, I used my free annual night at the Indigo for my last night in Shanghai, and fell deeply and irrevocably in love. Sure, there are other hotels that offer better free perks. And the location, while stunning, is not ideal for sightseeing in Shanghai. The Indigo is located in a newly developing area on the riverfront, at least a 17-20 minute walk from the closest metro station. It would not have been ideal for a long stay, but for my last night in Shanghai, it was perfect.

Indigo hotel map

Why? Because the views were stunning and the decor was to die for. I am moderately obsessed with modern, funky furniture and design. And if I could, I would have happily taken every piece of furniture for my own home.


The entrance to the Indigo Hotel

The funky decor hits you as soon as you walk in: Modern art with an Asian twist.



The hallway:


And my room – did I mention I’m in love?




Oh, and check out that view.


And that view:


Is it weird that the bathroom was my favorite room? It was huge, with a separate area for a super large bathtub and stunning views of the Pudong. You know, just in case I wanted to leave the blinds open while I took a bath.


And a TV in the bathroom!


And one of those new-fangled toilets that prepared me for my trip to Japan. Peeing was never so complicated.


Even the slippers made me smile.

photo 1

The rest of the hotel was just as beautiful, including a library, a lounge area with computers and massage chairs, an uber-modern restaurant and a penthouse bar.








I wandered outside and walked along the water for a bit. It is hard to beat this view.


When I came back at night, I was surprised to find a present waiting for me. I’m not much of a wine drinker, but it was a nice touch.


I was excited to hang out at the rooftop bar, taking picture after picture, but the weather had turned rainy and painfully frigid. I snapped this mediocre shot before I relented and ran indoors. It must be amazing to sit outside on a warm night, nursing a diet coke and watching the lights of the Pudong come to life.



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