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Now, That’s a View

Some people love to complain about D.C. The rent. The taxes. The traffic. The five cents bag tax at grocery stores. Yeah, that’s all pretty annoying. But there are some perks to living in the nation’s Capitol, and that’s having a balcony with this July 4th view:







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I’ve been waiting to post this week’s photo challenge until tonight for a reason. I thought it would be neat to compare New Year’s Eve 2011 with New Year’s Eve 2012. Last year we rang in the new year with fireworks in London. This year, we rang in 2013 with fireworks in Brussels.

London was huge. With so many people, we were at least a mile from the center of the fireworks, and I had to stand on my tip-toes to see anything. The fireworks were amazing, but a short ten minutes. Brussels, in contrast, is a small city. We got so close, my ears hurt from the pounding of the music and the fireworks. The fireworks also lasted much longer, at least 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it was raining so many of the pictures are smeared with rain drops. Both were incredible experiences and I can’t wait to plan our next New Years trip.

Fireworks London

London – January 1, 2012

Belgium - January 1, 2013

Brussels – January 1, 2013

Brussels - January 1, 2013

Brussels – January 1, 2013



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