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Part #4: Exploring the Hutongs

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On our first day in Beijing, we valiantly resisted jet lag and set out to explore Beijing’s hutong neighborhood. Hutongs are narrow alleyways or streets, a throwback to what old Beijing used to look like. Located just north of the Forbidden City, the massive shopping malls and modern structures disappear into a glimpse of ancient Beijing.

Hutong map2

The main artery, a pedestrian only road named Nanluoguxiang, is populated with small shops, peddlers, throngs of locals, and very persistent rickshaw drivers who insist on giving you the grand hutong tour. It is a charming scene filled with leafy trees and hidden crevices, a stark contrast form Beijing’s massive roadways. Tiny alleyways branch off in either direction begging to be explored.

*2014-11-23 12.05.41

The entrance to Nanluoguxiang Road.

*2014-11-23 12.07.42

The aforementioned rickshaw tour guides.

*2014-11-23 12.09.44

*2014-11-23 12.15.15-1

*2014-11-23 12.16.58

*2014-11-23 12.29.37

*2014-11-23 12.30.17


After the hutongs, we made our way to the Drum and Bell Towers, hoping to get a pretty view of the hutong rooftops beneath us, but both towers were under construction and closed to visitors. We did not realize yet that the bright blue sky was a happy miracle. Our subsequent days in Beijing would be plagued by the city’s all too famous pollution.

**2014-11-23 12.47.40

Totally random couch on the streets on the way to the Drum Tower.

*2014-11-23 12.58.21

The Bell Tower

**2014-11-23 12.56.05

The Drum Tower

So we sat on the steps of the Bell Tower and bemoaned our exhaustion and took pictures of the adorable kids.

**2014-11-23 13.11.13(C)

And then, for the hell of it, I decided to do a cartwheel. I blame the jet lag.



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