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There’s been a lot of discussion on the blogs about the legality of transferring Chase points to another person’s account (see here, here and here). There are horror stories of Chase shutting down people’s accounts who have transferred points to a friend or relative. This concerned me because I have been planning on transferring The Boyfriend’s Chase points to my account. He has a Chase Freedom card and can take advantage of the Chase Freedom bonuses, but does not have a Sapphire Preferred card, and thus, no ability to transfer his points to airline and hotel programs.

Instead of risking it, I called Chase to find out what my options are. Since we are neither married nor domestic partners (living in the same apartment according to Chase), Chase informed me that transferring The Boyfriend’s points to my account technically violates Chase rules. I then asked if making him an authorized user on my account would remedy the problem. The representative put me on hold for less than a minute, and then informed me that this would, in fact, work. All I had to do was give Chase The Boyfriend’s name, confirm my address and we were done.

A card will come in a couple of days and I’ll probably stick it in a sock drawer with the rest of the credit cards I don’t use. Finally, this does not preclude The Boyfriend from applying for the Chase Sapphire Preferred himself and getting the 40,000 bonus miles (I’m working on him).

So that’s my Chase experience, and I’ve very pleased with it. This tactic might not work for most folks, but it allows me to transfer points without running into any of the horror stories populating the web.

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