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Berlin Part 6: Museum Island

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While M museum hopped, managing to hit all five museums on Museum Island in two days, I wandered and took photos. I joined M for a trip to the top of Dom Berlin and found a great place to nap in the Bode Museum – but that’s about as much as my patience could stand.  Needless to say, M had a great time on the inside, and I had a great time on the outside.


The Dom Cathedral reflected in a puddle.

***IMG_3576The Dom Cathedral is certainly impressive.

**IMG_3615**IMG_3623**IMG_3636And the views of Berlin are awesome!

**IMG_3722**IMG_3731**IMG_3763**IMG_3764**IMG_3777**IMG_3833**IMG_3883**IMG_3972*IMG_3818***IMG_3964I stepped inside the Bode to meet up with M. The lobby is very beautiful. And the beanbags in the children’s room is extremely comfortable!


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