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Vietnam #8: Two-Wheeling In Vietnam

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Sometimes, I have some crazy ideas. But every once in a while, I come up with a good one, and this was one of those times. I suggested we stay an extra day in Danang and book a bike tour of the countryside. At the risk of tooting my own horn, it was one of my better ideas.

I highly recommend Path Bikers. We booked a private bike tour for two for $50 USD a person. Our driver and guide, Quon, picked us up at 8 a.m., provided bikes, helmets, and waters for us, and guided us through small, backcountry roads we never would have been able to see on our own.

Quon’s English was surprisingly great. We bonded over TV (iZombie – yes!), while he taught us about the various local industries. He also was incredibly patient when we stopped for pictures every ten minutes. Just kidding. It was more like every five minutes.

The trip began on a dirt track that took us off the main road. I was in love already.

@@2015-11-29 22.10.34

On my bike, like a pro

@2015-11-29 08.59.54

Lisa on her bike

Our first stop was a local fishing village.

***2015-11-29 09.07.00

***2015-11-29 09.13.09

**2015-11-29 09.10.05

After the men catch the fish, the locals lay them out to dry in the sun. Then, the women prepare the fish for sale.

***2015-11-29 09.22.50

***2015-11-29 09.26.31

**2015-11-29 09.28.05

*2015-11-29 09.24.13

We stopped by a local herb field, amazed by the amount of work that goes into maintaining and growing the fields. Seriously. Next time I’m too lazy to walk from the couch to the fridge, I need to remember this lady.

****2015-11-29 09.36.37

****2015-11-29 09.43.16

***2015-11-29 09.36.09

***2015-11-29 09.42.30-1

Lisa tried her hand at watering the fields. There is a lot to be said for modern-day plumbing.

@2015-11-29 09.44.48

@2015-11-29 09.45.37-1

Sometimes, we enjoyed the solitude of the open country road.

**2015-11-29 09.07.22

*2015-11-29 10.10.50

Occasionally, we shared the road with motorbikes and other modes of transportation. I felt like a true local – except that I shrieked a little too often…

***2015-11-29 09.39.38-1

***2015-11-29 09.40.22-2

We saw plenty of rice fields, though we were technically in the off-season.

***2015-11-29 10.11.24

**2015-11-29 09.54.06-1

*2015-11-29 10.06.57-1

After a while, Quon led us out of the countryside and into the ancient town of Hoi An.

**2015-11-29 11.35.16

After dodging a few too many motorbikes, we disembarked at the river and boarded a ferry – and I use the word “ferry” very loosely.

*2015-11-29 11.35.41

A short ten minutes later, our “ferry” deposited us on a small island known for its boat building industry. Quon explained that every boat must have eyes in order to navigate. Not joking.

**2015-11-29 11.52.47

*2015-11-29 11.55.18

Once the boats are finished, the fishermen take them out.

***2015-11-29 12.20.18

**2015-11-29 12.15.52

**2015-11-29 12.16.59

We tried our hand (and feet) at walking on a “monkey bridge,” the bridges local fishermen use to access their ships.

@@2015-11-29 12.13.27

We made a quick stop at a home where a mother and daughter were weaving something.

***2015-11-29 12.23.56

***2015-11-29 12.24.47-1

And as we headed back to our ferry, we got to watch some water buffalo rolling around in the mud, because, why not? What else does a water buffalo have to do?

*2015-11-29 12.40.16

Biking with a guide is a great way to see the Hoi An countryside and get a little exercise. Our bike trip was one of our favorite days in Vietnam. Two thumbs up!

@@@2015-11-30 13.07.43-1

Lisa and I with our excellent guide, Quon




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