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2012 has been a pretty good year for travel and points redemptions. We rung in 2012 in London nearly 12 months ago and kicked off 2012 with a weekend trip to Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee in May. In August, I abandoned The Boyfriend for a nine day trip to Croatia with my friend Lisa. Early September, we hopped over to Canada for a quick, last-minute trip to Niagara Falls, and capped off the year with a trip to Paris and Brussels. And, of course, there were the occasional trips to Boston and New York throughout the year to visit The Boyfriend and our families.

Here is my year in numbers:

  • 1: The number of national parks I’ve visited this year – Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
  • 2: The number of new states I’ve visited – Tennessee and North Carolina.
  • 4: The number of new countries I’ve visited – Croatia, Bermuda, France, and Belgium.
  • 6: The number of new credit cards I’ve applied for and received. It was a slow year for me.
  • 45: The number of Amtrak trips I’ve taken, all to New York, Pennsylvania and D.C.
  • 15,550: The number of Amtrak Rewards points I’ve earned this year.
  • 19,848: The approximate number of miles I’ve flown this year.
  • 498,000: The number of miles/points I’ve redeemed this year: Ten free Amtrak trips, one round-trip business class flight to Croatia, two round-trip business class flights to Paris and six hotel nights in Paris.

How was your travel year?

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