Ireland Part 2: Half a Day in Dublin

We only had half a day in Dublin before Mark took us on a whirlwind tour of Western Ireland. M decided to cram as many museums and religious sites into his morning as possible and Mark was happy to tag along (sucker!)

As for me, I relished the opportunity to wander mindlessly around Dublin, taking pictures, popping into shops, and seeing Dublin at my own pace.

My impression from one slightly rainy half day: Dublin is full of old European charm with a patina of grit. There are cobblestone roads, cute cafes, shops, bridges, curvy streets that lead to castles, churches, and other important historical sites.

****IMG_7794At the right time of day, the reflections on the Liffey River are a photographer’s dream.

***IMG_7801***IMG_7818***IMG_7830Dublin Castle is an imposing building in heart of town. Until 1922, it was the seat of U.K. government in Dublin.

***IMG_7640*IMG_7680***IMG_7723***IMG_7778I popped into the Chester Beatty Library to escape the rain and catch up on some work.

***IMG_7741**IMG_7767More pictures from around town.


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