Let There Be Light

I’ve lived in Washington, D.C. for many years, but don’t do Washington, D.C. things enough. Sometimes, I’m so focused on traveling to countries far away, I forget to take advantage of the awesome city I live in. But not tonight.

Two of my sisters came down from New York City to visit me, and we wanted to do something other than watch Gilmore Girls for the upteenth time. Not that there is anything wrong with that life choice. Definitely not. That is a very, very respectable life choice.

So we drove to Brookside Gardens in Montgomery County to see the Garden of Lights. It was very beautiful and creative. I’m a sucker for colorful lights, especially when I have my camera in tow. I took a bagillion pictures and Gabby kindly held the umbrella over my head (it’s good to have sisters). It was a good night.

**2015-12-26 08.38.23

**2015-12-26 08.39.35

**2015-12-26 08.39.48

**2015-12-26 08.42.47

**2015-12-26 08.48.18

**2015-12-26 08.53.22

**2015-12-26 08.59.02

**2015-12-26 09.03.35

**2015-12-26 09.09.56

**2015-12-26 09.11.17

**2015-12-26 09.11.57

**2015-12-26 09.21.27-1

**2015-12-26 09.22.16

**2015-12-26 09.27.43

**2015-12-26 09.28.57

*2015-12-26 08.45.02

*2015-12-26 09.25.45

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