When Life Hands You Lemons… Go To Peru

That’s not actually a saying. But it should be.

It’s been a crappy couple of weeks. I’m one of those annoying Type-A problem solving types. When something isn’t right, I’ll figure out how to fix it and then I’ll just fix it. But some things can’t be fixed. And those things are usually my undoing. I hate sitting on my hands; I hate waiting; I hate not being in control. So in those unfixable situations, there is only one thing to do. As Winston Churchill said, “When you’re going through hell, keep going.”

So I’m going. All the way to Peru. My first trip to South America. And I’m doing it all for the price of $229.

Here is the breakdown:

Flight #1: Washington DC – Panama City – Lima – Cusco (business): 35,000 United miles and $28.00

We will spend a couple days seeing the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco. We will not be hiking the Inca Trail due to a combination of reasons that include lack of time, lack of stamina, lack of money, and lack of a desire to sleep in a tent for four nights. No thank you.

Flight #2: Cusco – Juliaca: 4,500 British Airways miles and $4.00. From Juliaca we will take a cab to Puno where we will see Lake Titiaca.

Flight #3: Juliaca – Lima: $147. I could not find this flight with points so I paid out of pocket. I should have put it on my Barclay Arrival card so I could pay with Barclay points, but it was two in the morning and my brain wasn’t working properly. Alas.

We have a long layover in Lima before our flight home, so we may do a quick walking tour of Lima. Or we may collapse in the airport.

Flight #4: Lima – Miami – Washington DC (economy): 35,000 miles and $50.00.

I’ll be traveling with my longtime friend Lisa (you may remember her from the Croatia trip), who I met my first year of college in an English Lit class back in 1997. We became fast friends when we both enrolled in art class and realized we were a couple of novices in a room full of people who knew what they were doing. If you had told me way back then that we’d travel to Peru together, I never would have believed you.

Life sure is weird.

2 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons… Go To Peru

  1. wow… good job! 🙂 hey, when you’re in your long layover in Lima, how about a tour on a double-decker bus around historic Lima? There are amazing fountains (…that I managed to miss) – Circuito MÁgico del Agua – that would keep you entertained. say hello to them for me. http://www.mirabusperu.com/english/index.html Have a great time 😉

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