No, I’m not going to get all political on you. I’m talking about relationships. Every good relationship has to deal with compromises at some point or another. That was how The Boyfriend and I ended up bike riding 56 miles on Sunday.

What?!? Huh? Let me explain.

We were all set to go for a long bike ride on Sunday. The Boyfriend wanted to go north into Westchester County. I wanted to go south into Brooklyn. We were at an impasse.

Now, I love furniture shopping. Love it. The Boyfriend loathes it. So I said we can bike into Westchester if we try to make it to my favorite furniture store in Hawthorne, NY. “It’s only 27 miles away!” I declared.

(What’s so great about this furniture store, you ask. It’s the Bloomingdale’s Home Outlet Store, and it’s the only one of its kind in the country.)

So that’s how this happened:

Bike Ride Bloomingdales 5

Bike Ride Bloomingdales 4

Bike Ride Bloomingdales 3

Bike Ride Bloomingdales 2

Bike Ride Bloomingdales 1

And then this happened:

DJ Furniture Store

Did I mention The Boyfriend loathes furniture shopping?

Here are some other pictures from our 56 mile bike ride:

GW Bridge - distance

The George Washington Bridge in the distance only 4 miles into our bike ride.

GW Bridge

The George Washington Bridge up close.


Taking a water break after a particularly grueling hill.

Crossing Hudson

The Boyfriend crossing the bridge from Manhattan into the Bronx.

Water reflection

Pretty water in Westchester County.

Covered Bridge

Heading home… only 20 miles to go…

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