Our big once-a-year trip is coming up. Well, tecinically, it’s still four months away but I am really excited. In the past, we’ve done one summer trip and one winter trip, but this year we’re using all The Boyfriend’s vacation days to go to Asia, so I am long overdue for a vacation already. Needless to say, I am a tad overexcited…

I’ve been devouring the forums on FlyerTalk. Bangkok offers a plethora of hotel options, it’s hard to know where to start. Compared to Europe and big American cities, Thailand’s capital is still pretty cheap. Since we’re sitting on a over 100,000 Starwood points and the SPG hotels have received very high reviews, I knew I wanted to go there. And boy are there options. Here is a self-made map of the SPG options under consideration:

BKK - Hotel options SPG 2.tiff

My awesome map

The Le Meridian (in yellow) and the Sheraton Grande (red) received the best reviews for the money/points on FlyerTalk. The Le Meridian is a newer/more modern hotel and slightly cheaper being a Category 3 (7,500 points per night). The Sheraton Grande is one of Starwood’s luxury brand hotels and a Category 4 (10,000 points per night). Notice the adorable little trains I placed on the map because one of the most important criteria when choosing a hotel is proximity to one of Bangkok’s two public transportation systems. The Royal Orchard Sheraton (in purple) got rave reviews for beautiful vistas overlooking the river, but it’s distance from public transportation knocked it out of the running immediately. In the end, there were a couple of reasons I chose the Sheraton Grande:

  • Ease of getting to both Bangkok’s Sky Train and Metro system
  • Probability of getting an upgrade due to The Boyfriend’s Platinum status
  • The mildly disturbing number of posts about people being solicited for… (you can fill in the blank here) in the Le Meridian neighborhood. In all fairness, posters said that kind of thing happens all over Bangkok, but there were an inordinate number of “stories” in the Le Meridian forum.

Plus, the Sheraton Grande looks beautiful and luxurious. Here are some pictures from the website:

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