I spent the  majority of this week lying on my couch, blowing my nose and feeling sorry for myself. You’d think being home sick would give a gal plenty of time to catch up on her blog, but no, I was too busy feel with the aforementioned nose blowing and moping. So here’s to a restful weekend and some mindless links to keep you busy.

Kids say the darndest things. Especially in this video where Jimmy Kimmel asks them what’s the difference between boys and girls.


Sad news in the world of hotel points. Priority Club has upped the redemption prices on a host of hotels in popular destinations and SPG has increased the cash + points cost of all its hotels. Bummer.


This looks handy. Kayak adds price forecasting to predict price drops and increases.


Great photography series from Spanish photographer Pol Ubeda Hervas. Check out “I’m not there.”


Another hysterical Jimmy Kimmel video: People commenting on the inauguration days before the inauguration happens. Awesome.


If you want to run around a runway JFK airport, here’s your chance.


Want to feel really bad about how weak you are? Watch this video of some dude doing some the most amazing and difficult pushups I have ever seen.


I don’t plan on getting on a the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for some time after its most recent string of mishaps, but if you want to know what the inside of the famous Dreamliner looks like, look no further.


The cheapest times to fly in 2013, compliments of USA Today.


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