I hope the weather is as unseasonably warm wherever you are as it is in Washington, D.C. Sixty degrees??? Awesome. I plan on enjoying it. Have an amazing weekend.

Hysterical, seriously: Honest titles and posters for 2013’s best picture Oscar nominees.


This is disturbing and mildly painful: Eyelash jewelery. I really hope it doesn’t become a thing.


New hotel promotions for the first quarter of 2013. Sign up now for SPG and Club Carlson.


New York City’s subway system takes a big step forward with this new app that tracks train arrival times for seven of the system’s 24 lines. Now, if only MTA could get the Second Avenue line up and running.


It is not true what they say. Not all publicity is good publicity, especially in the case of Boeing’s much hyped Dreamliner. After an electrical fire broke out in the plane earlier this week at Boston’s Logan Airport, the FAA has announced it is launching a review of the 787 plane.


Question of the week: Are you more likely to get drunk at higher altitudes? Gizmodo has the answer. Hint: It’s complicated.


Need a laugh? Check out 25 brutally honest no trespassing signs.


A useful list from Million Mile Secrets: Credit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees.


How to build the best Hulk ever, you know, just in case you have some spare time on your hands.


This is for The Boyfriend and his obsession with tall buildings: The tallest skyscrapers of 2012.


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