News You Can Use… Or Can’t

Late again, but I’m in Paris, so I have a pretty darn good excuse. Here are some entertaining links you may or may not find useful while you’re welcoming in the new year. Hope you have an awesome weekend and an even awesomer (yeah, I’m declaring awesomer a word) new year.

Need a reason to go to Taiwan? This Taiwanese street performer is pretty impressive. If I tried this, I would fall flat on my face.


The best Tumblr sites of 2012 from Huffington Post.


I’m a sucker for these obnoxious maps.


The 25 most extensive subway systems in the world. Not surprisingly, New York makes the top 10.


Snow art.


A good review on what kind of credit cards you should be using from one of my favorite bloggers, View from the Wing.


A great tumblr site I discovered for beautiful travel photographs from around the world. Warning: It will make you jealous.


Need advice on packing light? There’s a tumblr site for that.


The country of Iceland has its own tumblr site. It’s called Iceland Wants to be your Friend. I would definitely like to be Iceland’s friend.


One thought on “News You Can Use… Or Can’t

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