I’ve been delinquent. Again. The past week has been insane, but I won’t leave you high and dry. There’s plenty of completely pointless, completely hysterical news to share with you. So here it is, a day late. Hope you all have a great weekend and holiday. I will be off to Paris tomorrow… Au revoir!

Remember Fisher Price roller skates? Here’s a great trip down memory lane, compliments of Buzz Feed. How many of these awesome toys did you own as a kid?


The best new hotels of 2012 from Conde Nast Traveler. The Andaz Shanghai looks amaaaaazing. And here’s the best new hotels under $300.


Gotta give props to this 82-year old man for going after what he wants: A wife.


Scary newspaper article title of the week from the Washington Post: “Surgeons left 4,857 objects in patients over the past two decades.”


I don’t like animals, and even I have to admit that this video of a baby panda at the San Diego Zoo is pretty darn adorable. Prepare to say “aw” a lot.


Lonely Planet has the top 10 top countries to visit in 2013. Sadly, I haven’t been to any of them. I almost made it to Montenegro when I was in Croatia but we ran out of time. What do you think of this list?


In honor of the holidays, 10 ridiculously ugly Christmas sweaters. If you own one of these, my condolences.


The 25 most expensive cities to live in. Spoiler alert: #1 is Tokyo.


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