News You Can Use… Or Can’t

I don’t know if you read The Everywhereist, but you should. She is a veritable riot. She also says that we bloggers should shamelessly steal other people’s good ideas, so I am stealing her idea of posting random, useful, sometimes useless, entertaining and interesting links every Friday. Thanks Geraldine. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of something or other.

You think you’re an expert traveler. Please. This guy makes you look pathetic.


Apparently, United Airlines is still struggling with internal technical problems, says the New York Times. I don’t care. They still have the best award availability of all the airlines.


Sorry North Korea. Did we say the sexiest man alive? We meant the most gullible man alive. This story is not to be missed.


What a shocker. Delta changes its mind. Again. At least, this time, it’s to the benefit of travelers. View from the Wing reports, Award Wallet supports Delta Skymiles again.


Awesome volcano video. Enough said.


How emotional are you? Well that depends on where you live. Here’s a color-coded map of the world’s most and least emotional countries.


This is exciting news if you love the southwest U.S.  like I do. Jetblue now has nonstop flights from JFK to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I love Arizona and I think I would love New Mexico too, but getting there has always been a pain in the neck. Until now. (HT: Just Another Points Traveler)


The worse hotel in the world, and proud of it. This story is funny, but I won’t be staying here anytime soon.

Have a super-awesome weekend. I plan on sleeping for most of it.

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