Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Finally, an easy photo challenge from the folks at The Daily Post. Here’s a rural and an urban version. The first photo is from Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park where the bison roam free. The second photo is from New Year’s Eve last year in London. The Boyfriend and I joined a packed crowd at Trafalgar Square and I lifted my camera above my head and just snapped away. Not bad for blind shooting. (Frequent readers of this blog will realize that I’m cheating a bit because I’ve used a similar photo for a “red” challenge, but fireworks are practically an invitation to cheat, so it’s not really my fault.)




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7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

  1. gourmandchic says:

    The second one is a great silhouette shot!

  2. brettfish says:

    the bottom photo is a stunner. i like.

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