So I had a crazy idea the other night: I should run a half-marathon. So what if I’m only running five miles now? And so what if I’m still sloooooow? I met a marathon runner the other day who told me that if I can run 6 miles, I can run 13. And that is good enough for me.

So I started looking for half-marathons in the springtime, ideally someplace really awesome. Here are a couple options I found in April and May (I refuse to run a race in March when it’s still winter in my book).

1. Divas Half Marathon, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, April 28, 2013: In short, a bunch of women run 13.1 miles in pink clothing and tutus, which is not really my thing, but the race course looks incredible.

Myrtle Beach Half-Marathon

2. Gulf Coast Half Marathon, Pensacola Beach, Florida, April 7, 2013: What can I say? I’m a sucker for the water.

Pensacola Half-Marathon

3. Escape to the Palisades Half Marathon, Fort Lee, New Jersey, May 5, 2013: This race is a little hilly for my taste (I prefer my races flat as a pancake), but it’s is an easy location to get to and the view of the New York skyline and George Washington Bridge is probably beautiful.

Fort Lee Half-Marathon

4. Key Biscayne Half Marathon, Key Biscayne, Florida, April 14, 2013: Running over islands. Awesome.

Biscayne Half-Marathon

5. Flying Pirate Half Marathon, Outer Banks, North Carolina, April 14, 2013:  This race runs along the water and past the Wright Brothers memorial.

Outer Banks Half-Marathon

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  1. Crazy ideas are the best! I just ran my first half last month and if I can do it anyone can. I had never run before, ever, so I trained from March until October. If you’re already at 5 miles, then you’ve totally got this. My words of advice…if you do that hilly one, do hill training. My half was super hilly and I failed to train on hills and that’s what got me on race day. It didn’t stop me from finishing, it just slowed me waaaaaay down…And I was slow to begin with! I’m excited for you!

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