Ice hotels are not new. There are a bunch in Scandinavia, but Scandinavia is far, and if I’m making the trek to Sweden or Norway, I want to go when it’s summer and the day lasts longer than half-a-second. Good news! I discovered an ice hotel in Quebec City, a short plane ride away from Washington, DC.

It’s called Hotel de Glace, and they have a fun 360 degree virtual tour on their website you should check out. The rooms seem to be exorbitantly expensive (my  quick search showed me rooms for $799 – uh, no thanks), but they do host tours of the hotel for cheapskates and people who hate winter like me. The hotel is only open from January – March, so we won’t be able tour the hotel if we end up in Montreal for Thanksgiving, but we can drive by and take goofy pictures which should count for something. It looks pretty awesome.

Hotel de Glace


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