The Boyfriend doesn’t want to do a crazy long trip over Thanksgiving weekend. I respect that. But, holy egg shells, Panama looks awesome. This is one of the things I love about planning trips that may never come to fruition – I learn so much. Three weeks ago, the only thing I knew about Panama was the Panama Canal. Now, there’s so much I want to see and do. Some highlights.

1. The Panama Canal. Duh. There are several options for visiting the Panama Canal. The easiest way is to travel to Miraflores Locks, the first set of locks situated on the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, where you can tour the museum and visitor center there. But you can also take a half-day or full-day boat tour through the canal itself. Fun.

2. Amador Causeway: The Amador Causeway is a highway and walkway connecting mainland panama with four small islands and provides beautiful views of Panama City’s skyline. Look at this picture. Doesn’t that make you want to hop on a plane this second?

Amador Causeway

3. Old Panama or Panama La Vieja: Old Panama was founded in 1519. Today, you can walk among the ruins and imagine the early settlers standing in the same spot.

Old Panama

4. Casco Viejo: Casco Viejo is the historic district of Panama City and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Established in 1673 by Spanish colonialists, it hosts many beautiful, historic buildings, monuments and museums.

Casco Viejo

In sum: I really, really want to go to Panama.


  1. Mike Knoche says:

    Casco Viejo is OK. Its is a good place to base out of while in PC. Miraflores is well worth a day. I can recommend a few budget hotels there and transport from the airport from a legitimate and fair guy. He would also arrange for you to go to Miraflores, however taxes are easy enough to get. Otherwise I would not spend too much time in that city, there is so much more to Panama. Cheers from Alaska

    • NamWrites says:

      We’d only be going for a couple days over Thanksgiving weekend, so I don’t think it makes sense to fly to other parts of the country. If you have any other suggestions for day trips from Panama City, I’d love to hear. Thanks!

      • Mike Knoche says:

        There are some cool options. The Miraflores option is easy on your own but I would refer you to Sendero Panama if you want some expedited cool days trips. Tell Micaela I sent you and and hello from Mike in Alaska.


        From experience I can tell you the second you get off the plane in Panama City there will “guides” everywhere wanting to take you places. If they are not registered with the gov’t you are on your own. Same with cabs. Arrange one from the airport before you arrive or rent a car there. Easy enough.

        Safe travels

    • NamWrites says:

      Thanks Mike for all your advice!

  2. vero2angel says:

    Look into bocas del toro and san blas! both beautiful beaches. Bocas del toro has a more wild side to it, with many restaurants and bars and san blas is the opposite, virgin islands!

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  4. Jim Bithos says:

    Hi Nam, I don’t know what this guy is talking about’ Panama City is beautiful. I will be here for a week, and am very excited. I found your post to be fun, interesting and helpful.

    I feel that he is trying to make the same tired (and inaccurate) point that people try to make about San Jose Costa Rica. Namely “don’t bother with San Jose. It’s: dirty, dangerous, unpleasant, etc.” when there are actually a lot of great things to see if you are adventurous and open minded enough, and you do your homework, (and you clearly exemplify all of these things).

    Keep up the good work. I like your enthuesiasm.

    P.S. Check out Panama City it is gorgeous.

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