My 15 Favorite Safari Pictures And A Healthy Obsession With My Telephoto Lens

I’m pretty sure the safari in Hamilton, Ontario is meant for kids. What gave it away? Possibly the fact that I was the only person without a little kid or gaggle of kids in tow. That didn’t stop me. No siree. I had my newly fixed camera and my telephoto lens, and that’s all a travel-obsessed girl needs. Truth be told, I was a little giddy. The telephoto lens has that effect on me.

I have never been to a safari park before, not even one aimed at ages 2 – 10. I would love to go to Africa to see the Great Migration one day, but until then, I’m pretty good at pretending. Here are some of my favorite shots.


The elephants go crazy when a dog jumps into the water.


Amazing. The elephants are trained to walk in formation.


He makes my big mouth look small.


These colors are amazing.

Parrot kissing

Oh yeah… you know you want it…

Elephant painting

Geez, these guys make me look bad.


I have nothing witty to say.

Dangerous animals...

These signs were everywhere. Sometimes I listened. Sometimes I didn’t.


This is one of the times I listened.

rear view mirror

My attempt at an artsy mirror shot.


I really like zebras.


I think this elk got lost.




Aw, isn’t this sweet?


More birds.

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