Okay, so it’s not a huge trip, but it’s still a trip. And that counts for something.

The Amazing Boyfriend is going to Waterloo, Ontario for a conference and I’m going with him! Did I mention he is Amazing?

We will mostly be hanging out in Waterloo, relaxing (me) and learning about pensions (him), but on Sunday we will visit Niagara Falls and do all the obligatory touristy things people tend to do at Niagara Falls. I haven’t been to Niagara in over 10 years (it might be 15 by now…. it’s so hard to keep track), and The Boyfriend has never been.

Plus, I brought my camera into the shop to be cleaned so hopefully, hopefully I will be able to take dot-free pictures.

Our trip: We are flying into Toronto via Porter Airlines, which is a pretty neat experience because you land on an island and take a boat to the mainland. I flew Porter once, about three years ago, so it will interesting to see how it’s changed. We’re off to Waterloo from there, then Niagara Falls, and then we will fly out of Buffalo.

P.S. How funny is Will Ferrell as a jumping elf? I can’t stop cracking up.

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