First World Gripes

Some first world gripes because what’s the point of having a blog if I don’t publicly vent?

1) Mommy Points suspects US Airways’ Grand Slam promotion won’t be returning this year. The Grand Slam is one of the best, if not the best, miles-earning promotion I’ve seen since I started playing this miles game 14 months ago. I was looking forward to accumulating lots of Dividend miles which I could then use on any Star Alliance carrier. Alas.

2) View from the Wing writes that Delta has raised award prices for some trips to Europe, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. In lieu of a long rant about why Delta’s SkyMiles program sucks, let me just say this: Aaargh.

3) Sometimes, I have to google the word lieu to make sure I spelled it right.

4) Mosquito bites itch. A lot.

5) I went away for the weekend and my house did not clean itself.

6) Summer is over.

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