This is a Nam original, inspired by my hike yesterday in Maryland. As I was scrambling over rocks, I passed a couple. The guy was wearing legit hiking shoes; the girl was wearing… sandals. Sandals! Really? Really? It’s a hike. With rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. And twigs and dirt. Oh yeah, and more rocks. Why in the world would you wear sandals? And boyfriend/husband/friend wearing hiking shoes, why would you let your hiking partner leave the house in sandals? Thus, a bumper sticker was born. Friends don’t let friends hike in sandals.



  1. When you’re hiking near the bottom of the Grand Canyon (particularly in the Havasupai region) you absolutely need sandals because of all the rivers and streams you need to ford. Removing boots, putting on water shoes, taking off water shoes, putting on boots– that takes way too long if you’ve got a new rivulet or stream to cross every couple of hundred meters.

    I hiked with sandals at that time and I viewed it as absolutely essential.

    Also, those brooks and streams do a great job of washing off all the rocks and twigs.

    But I agree, sandals are not for all hiking occasions, unless you’re one of those “barefoot hiking” evangelists.

    • NamWrites says:

      Wouldn’t a water shoe with a protected toe area be better? Maybe it’s just me and my natural lack of gracefulness, but my toes wouldn’t last five minutes in a sandal.
      The sandal debate aside, the hike you described sounds amazing. I would love to do that one day. Let me know if you have a link to pictures.

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