Where Should I Go For Thanksgiving?

Oh, em, gee. I completely forgot about Thanksgiving. I was so busy making outlandish plans for our December-January vacation, I forgot we have a vacation opportunity coming up in two months.

After making several Excel spreadsheets, I’ve come up with the following options:

1) Kentucky: The Boyfriend really wants to to go to Mammoth Caves National Park. This is an easy flight from NYC/DC.

2) New Orleans: I’m told the weather is lovely in late November and nonstop flights are about $270. Not bad.

3) San Francisco: I’ve been to San Francisco before, but only for a couple of hours — just enough time to ride a cable car and walk around Fisherman’s Wharf.. It’s a long flight, but for $309, that’s an awesome deal.


4) Virgin Islands: Only one nonstop flight from New York, but it’s warm.

5) San Juan, Puerto Rico: The Boyfriend has been already, but tickets are a steal at $252.

6) Iceland: I know, I know, it’s crazy. But it’s the kind of crazy that might actually be disguised as a brilliant idea. Sure, it’ll be frigid in late November and the sun makes an appearance for all of four hours a day, but nonstop flights from NYC are only $589 and beautiful five star hotels are easily affordable in the off-season. Plus, the exchange rate for the Icelandic Krona very much favors the dollar right now. And — here’s the awesome part — we might get to see the Northern lights. It gets better. Based on my minimal research, 2012 is one of the best years to see the lights because the sunspots on the surface of the sun follow an 11-year cycle which reaches its peak this year. Or something like that.

Vote on where I should go. Your vote may or may not count.

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