Dear Readers, Where Should I Go Next?

I’m barely back from Croatia, and I’m already planning my next big vacation – this time, hopefully with The Boyfriend. And I’m soliciting advice.

A couple of considerations.

  1. I’m looking to go around the Christmas/New Years week. You know, that time when all the prices jump through the roof and availability plummets.
  2. I’m not positive on how much time we’ll have. I would love to go to, say, Thailand, but that kind of trip requires a solid two weeks at least. For now, I’m assuming we’ll have at minimum 6-7 days.
  3. I’m not a huge fan of cold weather. Despite the fact that I grew up in Chicago and live in the Northeast now, it’s not something I ever got used to, much like I never got used to paper cuts or any other annoying fact of life. I love walking around Europe, but if it’s below thirty degrees, there’s a good chance I’m going to be complaining a lot.
  4. I prefer to use miles over cash to pay for our flights and my initial research uncovered more availability on flights to Europe over South America.

With that said, here are some options:

1. South America: It is warm in South America during our winter which is a major plus and neither I nor The Boyfriend have ever been. If we go to Argentina or Brazil, I’d definitely want to include a side trip to Iguazu Falls. I don’t know much about Chile except they have some beautiful mountains and glaciers. Downsides: It is a long, long flight, we might need more than a week there and availability is scarce.

2. Barcelona: This is my number one Europe choice right now. Neither of us have been to Spain; the weather is milder; and Barcelona looks pretty interesting. If we have time, we might be able to dip down to southern Spain.

3. Paris: This is an obvious choice for someone who has never been to Paris (or France) yet, but I so prefer to go during the spring or summer time.

4. Berlin: Is it too cold during December?

5. Prague & Vienna: Ditto.

What do you think? Any great insights, advice, totally unrelated comments/suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Dear Readers, Where Should I Go Next?

  1. Jenaynay says:

    I have a somewhat related comment.

    Regarding consideration number 3, sentence number 2: You do realize that you live below the Mason-Dixon line?

    Trivial, yet indicative. Maybe.

    Ok, I guess it was totally unrelated after all.

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