Mount Srd, Bosnia (!), Split – Day 4 in Croatia

Long blog post ahead. Read at your own risk.

After a much needed day of catching up on sleep and sitting by the pool (and complaining about my camera) we headed to Mount Srd (pronounced surge), a fortress high above the old city of Dubrovnik built by Napoleon in order to keep tabs on his new subjects. The mountaintop also hosts a small museum detailing the important role Mount Srd played in Croatia’s war for independence.

In the early nineties, Mount Srd was bombed repeatedly, destroying the cable car that transported people to the mountaintop, and unexploded landmines made the mountain inaccessible. In recent years though, the landmines have been removed and the cable car has been rebuilt. At the top, we were met with stunning views of the old city and the sea as well as reminders of Croatia’s not-so-distant war-torn history.










After our trip to Mount Srd, we hopped on a four hour bus ride to Split, the highlight of which was the 15 minute drive through Bosnia. I have officially been to Bosnia! Apparently, when the land was divied up Bosnia got a tiny strip of land along the coast and every person driving from Dubrovnik to Split or vice versa has to go through border control.

Next up: Split. The guide books rave about Split and its center city built atop the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace. We were slightly underwhelmed. Not that it wasn’t interesting to see, but Split lacks Dubrovnik’s beauty and charm, and a couple of hours in Split is more than enough.








One thought on “Mount Srd, Bosnia (!), Split – Day 4 in Croatia

  1. Star Nightingale says:

    Some really beautiful pictures! And you write so well!

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